2022 Event

Maximum Occupancy 2022 was a fantastic event with approximately 600 attendees over 4 days in both Auckland and Sydney. This year we'll be bringing MO back to Sydney with more cutting-edge talks from industry thought leaders. Find out who attended last year or watch some of the past presentations.  

Listen to some of last year's key presentations below

Play video Revenue Management - How it's all changed. The Dangers of a Quick Win

Hazel Rigler, Haley Purdon, Stephanie Bickers, Kristy Edwards, Amit Peshawaria

Play video New Zealand Hotel Leader & CEO Meet-Up

Rebecca Ingram, Craig Hooley, David Ovendale, Gavin Faull, Graham Perry

Play video Reset, Revival and the Future - An Owner's Perspective

Jason Hill, David Perks, Heidi Gillingham, Graham Perry

Play video Maximising the GDS & Distribution

Malcolm Hazelton

Play video How to design a guest and employee experience strategy to reignite your business, brand, and culture

Shane Green

Play video The New Traveller, Trends and Wants

Sarah Mathews

Play video Cashing in on Business Events; Insights and Oppotunity Deep Dive

Lisa Hopkins, Richard Clarke, Ross Steele, Bjeorn Spreitzer

Play video The Changes to Consumer Behaviour that are Here to Stay

Michelle Allen

Play video Hotel Technology in 2022 & Beyond

Jackie Leat, Suresh Subramaniam, Justin De Lille, Edwin Saldanha, Benjamin Krieg

Play video Major and Business Events to grow your business

Lisa Hopkins
Business Events Industry Aotearoa

Play video Positioning Brands, Marketing, Loyalty & Customer Focus For Future Tourism

Tim Alpe, Clinton Farley, Daron Gray, Carl Amos, Michael Anderson

Play video The Future of the New Zealand Travel and Hospitality Industry

Julie White, Tim Blake, Tori Calver

Play video The New Zealand Corporate Travel Market - Gone Forever? Or Different?

Adrian Caruso, Kelly Williamson, Shweta Mhatre, Ali Mehdi, Nicole Dobson

Play video New Zealand Accomodation: The past, present and future

Paul Hammond, Stephen Hamilton
STR & Horwath HTL

Play video Impact of your Employer Brand

Jason Hill
Tourism Talent

Play video Book Direct Blueprint

Adrian Caruso
Fastrack Digital